Monthly Archives: August 2014

Tropical Storm Halong

Literally, as this is being written, the outer edge of Tropical Storm Halong is passing by the west of Tokyo.


So, what’s it like? Not too bad, but quite fascinating visually. Here is a look at how it appears outside our apartment window. The left side was taken near the ‘peak’ of the rainfall and the right is only about 5 minutes later.



He’s Back!

Xeno came back from “camp” today. Based on the pictures from his time there…it looks like he had basically the best dog camp experience ever!


But, based on how he has been since getting home, it appears it was also one of the most exhausting experiences ever!


By the way, if you ever need a place to watch your dog while in Tokyo, Dog, Inc. is highly recommended.


As we have mentioned many times, we quite enjoy the extremely unique snacks that are common in Japan. One of our favorite flavors is wasabi and this week a new (at least to us) offering appeared at the convenience store.

Imagine combining the shape of french-fries and the texture of funyons with a hint of wasabi flavoring and just a touch of heat. Addictive and delicious, I immediately headed back to the store to buy all the remaining stock.


Unfortunately, by the time I got back (which was only a couple hours later) there was only two left. Hopefully, this one is a ‘limited-time’ and not a ‘one time only’ product.

Happy Tokyo Marathon Lottery Entry Start Day!

Today, August 1st, lottery entry for the 2015 Tokyo Marathon started. You see, unless you are an elite runner or are sponsored, in order to run in the Tokyo Marathon (which takes place on February 22, 2015) you must enter a lottery and pray for luck.

One of the six World Marathon Majors (along with Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago, and New York), the Tokyo Marathon is one of the toughest races to gain entry. Last year, over 306,000 people entered the lottery for 25,000 spots.


Lottery entrants are notified in late September as to whether they were successful or not. Here’s hoping for better luck this year than last!