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Cup Vending Machines


Instead of plastic bottles, this vending machine uses cups. Although you can’t reseal it, using a paper cup is much better for the environment than a bunch of plastic bottles.
You can select a size (small or regular). Once you do that, a cup is dispensed into a lower compartment where the cup is then filled with whatever drink you chose, after a few seconds the drink is ready for you to enjoy.


New Doritos Flavor

On today’s trip to the convenience store (Family Mart), yet another new flavor of Doritos was found. Probably seasonal and unlikely to be re-stocked when sold out (there were only 2 bags on the shelf), offered up for tasting and judgement was Bacon and Mustard flavor.

So, how were they? The seemed more mustard than bacon; but, both flavors were noticeable. While they were not great and won’t replace good ‘ol Nacho Cheese flavor, they certainly were not bad. It makes you wonder what flavor will appear next and definitely keeps us checking the stores on a regular basis.


My All-time Favorite Candy

I cannot believe I haven’t done a post on this yet. This is the best candy I have ever had, ever, in the world. I call it the Ultimate Candy (considering I can’t read what it really says). First, it is fizzy and sour. And when I say sour, I mean pucker-faced sour, and along the lines of fizzy, it is very much of that. But, once you can barely take any more sour fizz, the candy becomes a sweet hard candy, almost like a lollypop. Under the hard shell of the candy, there is one last surprise, a gummy center. Just like a gummy bear; the middle tops off the Ultimate Candy. You see now why I call it the Ultimate Candy? I don’t see how I could ever get tired of this wonderful candy. It’s coooool.


The End of Sakura


The cherry blossom season was very short this year, untimely rain and wind knocking them off prematurely. Unfortunately, the flowers only have a few days left.

Beautiful but fragile, these flowers over look the outer moat of the Imperial Palace in Tokyo.

Second Time Skiing

During Spring Break we took a trip to Nozawa Onsen and went skiing. Mom and Annie didn’t go skiing because of Annie’s ankle but Dad and I had a great time. It was only my second time skiing and I think I made great improvements from the first time. The mountain’s courses are really good for all levels of skiers. Even beginners could take the Gondola to the top and do beginner courses all day and then either take a trail or the Gondola back down or you can take the intermediate routes and black or black diamond even. The mountain is very close to the building we were staying in and the building is called a ryoken. The place was nice but our group was the loudest and sort of “claimed” the common areas. But I had a really great time and would take a trip back there in a heartbeat. The mountain was beautiful, the place was good for our group, and the town around the place was very inviting and allowed us to experience something we hadn’t before.


Sakura at Night


Sakura is a very brief (7-10 days) season, yet it is an incredibly important and symbolic one. The short life span of the cherry blossoms is a metaphor for the ephemeral nature of life.

The transience of the blossoms, the extreme beauty and quick death, has often been associated with human mortality. The Sakura are revered, just as our lives are celebrated for the limited time we have on the planet.