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Somebody misses his puppy brother…


Xeno’s best friend (yes, he has one!) moved back to the US today. Xeno spent the day sleeping in Hugo’s too-small, worn-out bed.

Best wishes to Hugo and his family on their next adventure!!


He’s Back!

Xeno came back from “camp” today. Based on the pictures from his time there…it looks like he had basically the best dog camp experience ever!


But, based on how he has been since getting home, it appears it was also one of the most exhausting experiences ever!


By the way, if you ever need a place to watch your dog while in Tokyo, Dog, Inc. is highly recommended.

Before and After

The day began.

Yesterday, Xeno endured the most painful 3 hours that a dog can experience: a grooming session. Thanks to the wonderful staff at “I Am Candy,” Xeno survived, and is now sporting his signature Japanese look:


I Am Candy

He survived his first japanese grooming experience at the “dog healing salon” in Azabujuban, called “I Am Candy.” It’s about a 20-30 minute walk from our building depending on how focused we are. Actually, survive isn’t the right word…there wasn’t really anything thing to endure. The shop was bright and clean, and the female groomers are major animal-lovers who spent a lot of time loving him up before he happily went with them for a bath. It was a 3-hour pampering event.
He was groomed and fluffed in the kawaii-style of extra soft and poofy.

Typhoon 26

Today, we have a typhoon blowing in and the weather is very windy and wet. The weather is so bad, they have canceled school tomorrow. But, little Xeno still has to be walked, rain or no rain.

To keep him from getting soaked, we got him a raincoat. Heading down for the walk and staring into a mirror, Xeno had his own opinions on the raincoat…


We’ve added a new word to our Japanese vocabulary. Written in hiragana above, it is pronounced kawaī (か-ka わ-wa いい-ī, like the Hawaiian island). Means “cute.” Xeno seems to think it means “come here, I will pet you.”