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Candy w/ a Bonus

One of the more popular candies is Puccho. They are bite sized with a taffy consistency and are usually fruit flavored; although they also have soda and cola which are delicious. They are near the registers at almost every convenience store, so I frequently take a quick look to see if there is a new/seasonal flavor or the occasional ‘bonus’ item. This week the quick look paid off.


The flavor of this version tastes like a combination of pineapple and mango; and, as for the free gift…a phone charm of some little bear-like guy wearing a sash. Asking around, it turns out his name is Kumamon and he is the mascot of one of the rural prefectures, Kumamoto. Why?…because every prefecture has to have a cute little mascot.



A little taste of home…

I had a dinner meeting last night in Ginza. The restaurant was a couple blocks off the main street. Along the way, I turn the corner and … See’s Candies!

sees candies

Giant Robot

Today I needed to run some errands in an area called Odaiba; which is just across the Rainbow Bridge and a little to the right. It is a shopping, dining, and entertainment area with…um…well…this guy!


Limited Time Onigiri Flavor

Once again, the story begins at the convenience store. Looking for a quick snack I stumbled upon an onigiri flavor that I had not seen before (which is typical in this world of seasonal items). With no idea of what I was going to taste (a situation a little like Bertie Bott’s for you Harry Potter fans), I took a bite and … delicious! It turned out to be slightly spicy, kinda bbq meat (maybe beef?). Anyway, chalk one up on the good side of experimentation.



Taco Stick

I must miss Mexican food more that I thought. I am almost embarrassed to admit that I found these at the convenience store and plowed right through them. Yep…behold the ‘taco stick’.

taco stick

Father’s Day

First, a quick “Happy Father’s Day” to all the dads! With the family on their way back to the States for the summer, I spent mine enjoying some good ‘ol American baby backs at Tony Roma’s in Roppongi with our neighbor and his brother (both also dads and on their own for the day).

Fathers Day

Tiger Tail

At Tokyo Disney Sea in the Arabian Coast section, there is a snack that is themed to the little tiger, Chandu, in the Sinbad ride at the park. It is basically a chicken pot pie with corn inside of dumpling dough shaped to a tiger tail. It is one of my favorite snacks at TDS. It is very delicious and wonderful-when-warm snack to share with friends or have for yourself.