As we have mentioned many times, we quite enjoy the extremely unique snacks that are common in Japan. One of our favorite flavors is wasabi and this week a new (at least to us) offering appeared at the convenience store.

Imagine combining the shape of french-fries and the texture of funyons with a hint of wasabi flavoring and just a touch of heat. Addictive and delicious, I immediately headed back to the store to buy all the remaining stock.


Unfortunately, by the time I got back (which was only a couple hours later) there was only two left. Hopefully, this one is a ‘limited-time’ and not a ‘one time only’ product.

One thought on “Snack-sabi!

  1. Kristin

    Michael loves wasabi, so he’d love this one, too…We just had sushi with wasabi the other night (Costco had a road show with someone making it fresh….still not close to true Japanese sushi, I’m sure!!)


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