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“Team Bob” at Kujukuri Triathlon

This weekend was the 1st Anniversary Kujukuri Triathlon; which definitely sounds better than the 2nd Annual Kujukuri Triathlon (so, good call on the name from the marketing people).

Along the northeast coast of the Bōsō Peninsula in the Chiba Prefecture, Kujukuri is a beach community approximately 60 kilometres (37 mi) long, making it the second longest beach in Japan. Now, as the crow flies, it is not all that far from Tokyo…unfortunately, you can’t fly like a crow and the drive all the way around the peninsula can be quite long (2.5 hours yesterday).

On to the triathlon, which is Olympic Distance. It was an honor to be asked to be part of “Team Bob” in the relay division.

“Bob” (actual name Ozeki-san) led us off with the 1.5km (1 mile) swim. He is a very experienced tri-athlete, having competed individually in a few Half-IronMan Triathlons. Mariko, who coordinated our team and entry into the event, handled the 40km (25 mile) bike segment. Finally, yours truly, handled the 10km (6 mile) run.



We completed the event in a quite respectable 2:45.



Football at Kinnick

The ASIJ JV Football Team took to the road this week for a Friday Night game against the Kinnick Red Devils. Kinnick High School is on the beautifully located U.S. Navy Base in Yokosuka, about an hour south of Tokyo.

A quite exciting back-and-forth battle ensued with the teams exchanging touchdowns throughout the evening. Down by four (it was an extra-point make/miss differential thing) with just 28 seconds left in the contest and the ball at mid-field, an ASIJ receiver got behind the defense and hauled in a perfectly thrown pass for a game-winning touchdown.

Final tally…ASIJ 19, Kinnick 16.

Here’s a shot from earlier in the game. Note the picturesque setting right on the water. Oh…the part of the cheer your don’t see is “GO” and “MUST”.


Bean Doughnut

Although these might sound gross, when I tried them they were particularly good. The doughnut part is like the kind you’d expect to find at your local grocery store, not fresh but not stale with a thin coating of sugar. The doughnuts are a perfect contrast to the sweet red bean pasted tucked away inside. They come individually wrapped however I don’t know how many come in a bag. If your craving a sugar doughnut and you don’t mind the taste of red bean, pick up a bag of these! ( P.S. I prefer homemade doughnuts)

Potato Chip Crabs

Last week, we went to Andy’s for dinner and as we were waiting for our food, Andy walks by and places a plate of small sized crabs on our table and says that they’re on the house and that you eat them like a potato chip. I was the last person to try them because putting an entire crab in your mouth, claws and all, and chewing it like chips. The texture is a little unsettling at first but once its chewed and swallowed, its fine. They just taste like crab flavored potato chips, and thats it. I’m not the biggest fan of eating whole crabs but they aren’t too horrible.


Cross Country

The cross country running season kicked off this weekend with a 10 school meet at Tama Hills.

First, let’s talk a bit about the location. Tama Hills is a large recreational area for use primarily by U.S. Military personnel and their families that includes a baseball field, horseback riding trails, golf courses (regular, frisbee, and miniature), camp grounds, hiking trails, and a convenience store (more on that in a later post). It is a perfect location for cross country running and hosts every meet, including the regional finals later in the year.

A quite rustic course, the cross country route includes some very steep hills and one affectionately dubbed “killer hill”. ASIJ was dominant, taking the overwhelming majority of the top spots in both boys and girls events. And, of course, our favorite runner (in her first race ever) had a very strong outing.


Ame’ Futo at ASIJ

With the start of the school year comes the return of American Football; or, as it is known in Japan, Ame’ Futo. As you might imagine, it is not the most popular sport in Japan, but it is at ASIJ.

Last week was the first game of the regular season for the ASIJ Mustangs. There is nothing quite like a home game on Friday night. So, why not make it an event?

“Friday Night Lights” has become a tradition…hot dogs, shave ice, football, and (of course) cheerleading. Look closely and you may spot someone you know and love sporting the ‘black-and-gold’.


Oh, about the game…the Edgren Eagles (from the high school located on the Misawa Air Base) came to town. Now, that was quite a feat in itself as they are some 684km (that’s 425 miles for us metrically challenged) north of Tokyo.

The Mustangs ensured it would be a long trip home with a 39-0 victory over the Eagles.