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American Football (Ame-Futo) Season is Over…:(

I’m sad that football season is over. Football is my favorite sport to cheer for. Though the games are much longer than basketball, and the basketball games are more energy and support (from the students), football will always be my favorite, most likely thanks to my years of Pop Warner.
The ASIJ Varsity football team this year didn’t start off so great, they were crushed pretty badly the first few games, but then they picked it up for the end and won three games. However, they lost the game that decided whether they would be going to Far East (the league championship game) or not. In the league we play in, there are only about five teams to play in football so our season if very short with few games, I wish it was longer but, given the situation in Japan with the whole “American football isn’t a thing here” problem along with the fact that we have to travel about two hours to get to the nearest school, it’s easy to see why they have it the way it is.
As for cheer, this was probably one of the best ASIJ Varsity cheer squads ever. We hit stunts that had never been achieved before, we had the most material, and we had one of the largest number of seniors on the squad (eleven out of fifteen cheerleaders were seniors). I hope things stay this awesome for next season.



Tokyo Street-side Art

I’m not sure how unique this is, but I noticed it while walking to dinner with my family a while ago. Average looking power boxes by day, turn into unique street art by night (with the help of blacklight). Walking past them during the day wouldn’t make you think twice that they could possibly have a unique feature about them such as this, but later…



Mt. Fuji

As you know, almost two months ago, my family and I hiked Mount Fuji. Now, by no means is Mt. Fuji one of the tallest peaks in the world, but it is one of the most iconic and the tallest peak in Japan. 

Climbing it was hard, but worth it in the end. I wouldn’t do it again unless I had to, but it was good once. 

Here are some photos from the hike. 
This photo is of what we had to carry throughout the two days. Also you get an idea of the terrain we walked on (though usually it was much rockier).


This photo was taken from the bottom of Mt. Fuji looking towards the summit, featuring the Snapchat Geotag for Mt. Fuji. 

Our feet in hiking boots on Mt. Fuji.

View of the side of the mountain and the top of the clouds. 

Just a bonus photo of Annie and I flying. 

Hiking Fujisan was a great experience and I learned a lot, from a little bit of Japanese to the culture of Japan. But, if you’re thinking of doing it yourself, beware to not get lavarock in your nose and ears. 

Max Brenner

You may have heard of Max Brenner’s Chocolate Bar, and how every single item on the menu uses chocolate as one of it’s ingredients, but recently, two of these ‘bars’ have opened up in Tokyo and they are amazing. If you love chocolate, this is the place to go. They have chocolate pizza, fondue, and almost every other chocolate concoction you can think of. These bars are extremely popular and there is almost always a wait but if you are in need of a chocolate fix, I highly recommend this. The first store that opened up in Tokyo became too popular so within a year they opened a second joint. I love chocolate and Mac Brenner’s definitely knows chocolate.


Build-A-Bear… In Japan!

For Annie’s birthday, we took a trip about 15 miles away for our home to Yokohama, which is a city that has the Cup Noodle Museum, an amusement park, and an assortment of malls and shopping centers. Although Yokohama has so much to offer, we hopped in the car and drove out there for one main reason: Build-A-Bear. Annie and I have loved Build-A-Bear since our very first trip and now that it came to Tokyo, we had to go and see it. It is like how they have always been, you pick a bear, you stuff the bear, you dress the bear, name it, and take it home. This process is slightly harder in a foreign language but we managed to make it through and get sheeps, since it is the year of the sheep. The Build-A-Bears in Japan are exactly like the ones in the U.S., from the Stuff Me machines to the Name Me kiosks. They even use the same Heart-Warming ritual. I love Build-A-Bear and how it reminds me that I’m not too old to still get things like Build-A-Bears.






Chocolate Cake Pancakes

I’m back! Did you miss me?

At the conbinis, there are pancake packs that combine two pancakes, butter, and syrup into one sandwich to allow for easy pancake-eating on the go. But, this past week the Seben (slang for Seven-Eleven) has stocked their shelves with these chocolate pancakes. Once you open the plastic, an aroma of chocolate cake swells from the package. But don’t be fooled by this amazing smell, the pancakes are filled with a bland creme that ruins the taste and makes breakfast less enjoyable. I think they should just have chocolate pancakes with butter and syrup. Not creme. Next time, I will be getting the regular pancakes.

Please enjoy the photobomb by Xeno.


Cold Helping Candy

This lemon candy was a new discovery for me a few days ago in geometry. A friend of mine pulls out this candy and gives me one to try. She explains that it has Vitamin-C and that it helps you get over a cold. Naturally I had to get more to try it out. In the morning a few days ago, I have a sore throat and a slight cough, so, I tried one and sure enough it helped! It might have just been a placebo but I’m keeping my eyes open for more healing candies.