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Snack Time

As you know by now, Tokyo has a plethora of snacks. Today’s new entry was found, once again, at 7-11 for just ¥100. These wafer-thin, airy, potato chip like things had just a hint of barbecue flavoring. We had no trouble at all polishing off the bag.

bbq snack 01


ASIJ’s Beauty and the Beast

This Saturday was the closing night of ASIJ’s production of Beauty and the Beast. It was the first amature production of the show in Japan. The show was a blast and I got to meet my closest friends here. It was my second day at the school when I had auditions and I was so glad that I did. The choreographer was amazing and brought me from a sprained ankle to being a can-can napkin (with, by the way, three costume changes just in “Be Out Guest”). The music director was fantastic and is helping me find a vocal coach. The director is my choir teacher and we have made a stronger connection through the show. He even stopped calling me Alice! Haha just kidding, but he did put on an incredible show.

Akasaka 2-Chōme

Minato is the name of the city in which we live. Tokyo is actually the prefecture. Akasaka is the name of the district in the city, and there are about 9 areas in our district. Each area is called a chōme. We live in Akasaka 1-Chōme. 


This photo is a street in Akasaka 2-Chōme. It is the next chōme over, just across the dori.


I found it! The local grocery store that has the best prices on fruits, vegetables, milk, and the chocolate we use to make Oreo pops. We have been to the Ginza and Shinbashi locations, and today, my quest was to find the local outlet here in Akasaka, which is the part of the city in which we live. It is a 6 minute walk from the building. And, as a bonus, I went the wrong way going home, and I found another local grocery store around the corner! I am starting to feel like we actually live here. We just need a dog.



Okonomiyaki is a Japanese dish that is similar to a pancake or omlet and is completely delicious. The word means “what you like – grilled” and that is exactly what it is. It comes in a variety of types that, evidently, vary by region.

Our first experience came from a restaurant called “Chibo” on the 38th floor of Ebisu Garden Place. We selected their ‘mixed seafood’, ‘pork’, and ‘beef’ versions.

okonomiyaki 2

These tasty cakes are brought out of the kitchen and then finished off on a flat grill in the center of the table…casual, fun, and completely satisfying.

Giant Purposeful Cheesy Poofs

Frequently displayed near the registers in nearly every convenience store are these packages with very fun (and sometimes confusing) art. Not really knowing what they were; but, being oddly attracted to them (and considering they only cost about ¥9 ~ 10 cents each), we had to give them a try.

It turns out they are amazingly delicious (and amazingly big) cheese puffs in a variety of flavors.

cheesy poofs 01 cheesy poofs 02

One of the fun parts is trying to decipher the flavor based on the cartoon-style art packaging. My favorite so far is the one with the mad scientist looking guy on the bottom…its got a nice little spicy kick.