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The Amazing Vending Machines

In Japan they have the best vending machines. There are the regular ones that are just scattered around the streets, those have models of the drinks and you just press the button that is underneath the drink you would like. The buttons will light up once you have put in enough money for it. You can get a warm or cold drink, the warm ones have a red banner or button by or under it, the cold ones would have the same but the button/banner would be blue. But, my favorite vending machine, are the ones that are a screen that you put the money in the machine and then tap the one that you want. Then, the machine will either show the drink dropping off the screen and then one falls into the retrieving area where you can pick it up or the machine pops up a screen with a smiley face (happy vending machine) and then it will go to the retrieving area.



The BEST Candied Ginger


It’s available at one of the local grocery stores for ¥298! The pieces are meaty and have the perfect balance of ginger and sugar. Definately my first Tokyo favorite food find.

ginger plate

Snow and School

We all rode the bus to school this morning; Annie started her schedule, Meg selected hers and will start tomorrow.

ASIJ garden

On the way to school, it started to snow, leaving the interior garden at ASIJ lightly dusted when we arrived.

Welcome Home

Here we go…
…the beginning of our Tokyo adventure.


Here is our new home at Homat Viscount.

Homat ViscountB

There are 29 floors in all, 17-28 are the residents’ floors. We are on 22. In the photo, our apartment is on the right face of the building. (In the foreground of the photo is the roof of the home of the US Ambassador.)