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Doritos ~ Spicy Fried Chicken Flavor

Yep, here we go again. The coveted section of that basement snack shelf in Hanamasa, which regularly rotates it’s chip resident, was up to its tricks once more. This week’s new occupant is Spicy Fried Chicken flavored Doritos.

Honestly, this one was just ‘ok’. Perhaps the flavor of the seasoning just didn’t match well with the taste and texture of the chip itself? In the end, they were edible…but, probably not repeatable.


Walk #1 Follow-up

Here’s the view of the Marunouchi District from the Imperial Palace grounds: 


Walking Tour #1: Marunouchi and around the Imperial Palace

Quick history review: The Tokyo of today started out as a small, isolated bit of land in an almost completely encircled bay. It was a tiny village called Edo. In 1603, the ruling shogun, Tokugawa Ieyasu, took command of Japan and moved the center of civil and military control from Kyoto to Edo. He (and his sucessors) built a castle, moats, canals, walls to fortify his residence, and layed the groundwork for our modern day Tokyo.

To fund the growth of the city, the shogun had his inner and outer daimyo (weathly land owners) live for 2 years at a time in Edo, then they would cycle out and go back to their families and country farms. The difference between and inner and outer lords, were that the inner daimyo were loyal before the takeover, the outer ones figured it out too late. As a result, these most trusted inner lords had the more desirable locations in the new city– closest to the new castle, closest to the seat of power, in the area between the inner and outer moats.

The rule of the shogun ended in 1868, when Emperor Meiji came to power. Edo was renamed to To (east) Kyo (capital) and the daimyo were sent back to their home provinces. The land between the moats was used for government offices and military training grounds. 

Today, Marunouchi, is the financial center of Tokyo. 

Our first walk took us through the streets of Marunouchi, which literally translates to within the moats.


The Dai Ichi Insurance Building was built in 1938. Interesting note: at the end of WWII, General MacArthur had his Allied forces headquarters in this building from 1945-1951.

 Kusunoki Masashige was a 14th century samurai, a loyal defender of the Emperor.. 

Tatsumi-yagura, is a two-storey high keep at the easternmost corner of the Imperial Grounds, also part of the outer moat system.     

Another Chip Flavor…Menchi-Katsu

It is always exciting when upon entering the convenience store, a new flavor of chips is on the shelf. This time, it was menchi-katsu flavor. Basically, menchi-katsu is a breaded and deep-fried hamburger patty with a tangy barbeque-style sauce.

Unfortunately, the flavoring on these chips just tasted like ketchup. Hopefully, the next flavor will be better.

29 Walks in the World’s Most Exciting City

Tokyo is a complicated, multi-faceted city. It has taken us a couple of years to discover the basic layout and overall, general history. As we are beginning to dive deeper into discovering the wonders of this city, we discovered this book: Tokyo, 29 Walks in the World’s Most Exciting City which is described as “a walking guide full of facts and stories that empahsize the history, culture, architecture and spirit of the the city and it’s neighborhoods.”

We thought we would try out a walk or two and see how it goes…

Limited-Time Snacks ~ Radish & Seaweed Flavored Chips

Once again, on today’s trip to the local FamilyMart a new (at least to us) chip option was occupying space on the coveted snack shelf. This time, offered up for our taste consideration was Radish & Seaweed flavor.

Ok, when we found out the flavor (after purchasing them) we were worried for a nano-second, but only the nano-second that it took us to try them. These chips were just a touch spicy, optimally salty (in an authentic, not artifical or manufactured way), and downright tasty! To boot, they were on the thicker side (almost Maui-style) and had a crisp, but not overcooked, texture.