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American Football (Ame-Futo) Season is Over…:(

I’m sad that football season is over. Football is my favorite sport to cheer for. Though the games are much longer than basketball, and the basketball games are more energy and support (from the students), football will always be my favorite, most likely thanks to my years of Pop Warner.
The ASIJ Varsity football team this year didn’t start off so great, they were crushed pretty badly the first few games, but then they picked it up for the end and won three games. However, they lost the game that decided whether they would be going to Far East (the league championship game) or not. In the league we play in, there are only about five teams to play in football so our season if very short with few games, I wish it was longer but, given the situation in Japan with the whole “American football isn’t a thing here” problem along with the fact that we have to travel about two hours to get to the nearest school, it’s easy to see why they have it the way it is.
As for cheer, this was probably one of the best ASIJ Varsity cheer squads ever. We hit stunts that had never been achieved before, we had the most material, and we had one of the largest number of seniors on the squad (eleven out of fifteen cheerleaders were seniors). I hope things stay this awesome for next season.



Football at Kinnick

The ASIJ JV Football Team took to the road this week for a Friday Night game against the Kinnick Red Devils. Kinnick High School is on the beautifully located U.S. Navy Base in Yokosuka, about an hour south of Tokyo.

A quite exciting back-and-forth battle ensued with the teams exchanging touchdowns throughout the evening. Down by four (it was an extra-point make/miss differential thing) with just 28 seconds left in the contest and the ball at mid-field, an ASIJ receiver got behind the defense and hauled in a perfectly thrown pass for a game-winning touchdown.

Final tally…ASIJ 19, Kinnick 16.

Here’s a shot from earlier in the game. Note the picturesque setting right on the water. Oh…the part of the cheer your don’t see is “GO” and “MUST”.


Cross Country

The cross country running season kicked off this weekend with a 10 school meet at Tama Hills.

First, let’s talk a bit about the location. Tama Hills is a large recreational area for use primarily by U.S. Military personnel and their families that includes a baseball field, horseback riding trails, golf courses (regular, frisbee, and miniature), camp grounds, hiking trails, and a convenience store (more on that in a later post). It is a perfect location for cross country running and hosts every meet, including the regional finals later in the year.

A quite rustic course, the cross country route includes some very steep hills and one affectionately dubbed “killer hill”. ASIJ was dominant, taking the overwhelming majority of the top spots in both boys and girls events. And, of course, our favorite runner (in her first race ever) had a very strong outing.


Ame’ Futo at ASIJ

With the start of the school year comes the return of American Football; or, as it is known in Japan, Ame’ Futo. As you might imagine, it is not the most popular sport in Japan, but it is at ASIJ.

Last week was the first game of the regular season for the ASIJ Mustangs. There is nothing quite like a home game on Friday night. So, why not make it an event?

“Friday Night Lights” has become a tradition…hot dogs, shave ice, football, and (of course) cheerleading. Look closely and you may spot someone you know and love sporting the ‘black-and-gold’.


Oh, about the game…the Edgren Eagles (from the high school located on the Misawa Air Base) came to town. Now, that was quite a feat in itself as they are some 684km (that’s 425 miles for us metrically challenged) north of Tokyo.

The Mustangs ensured it would be a long trip home with a 39-0 victory over the Eagles.

For Good – ASIJ Graduation 2014

As the school year comes to a close, it is time to say goodbye to our seniors. Every year at graduation, the choir and Vocal Jazz Ensemble perform a heartfelt song at graduation. This year we sang For Good from Wicked. Despite the (many) tears shed, it was really nice to perform with the seniors one last time.

Summer 2013

Today was the last day of school for the middle school and elementary students (excluding 8th graders, they already graduated). It was pretty sad watching the people that are moving leave and having to say goodbye. However, I am glad that there is no more school and I can sleep in and just relax for a while. After school, which ended earlier, my sister and I went shopping and rode the train.
It was fun to just walk around and talk without thinking or worrying about what assignment I have due or what is going to happen next school day. I really like the shopping in Tokyo because I can go around independently and quickly, not on a big shopping trip, just for a few little things and be home in less than two hours. The shopping here is more fun in my opinion but it completely different and hard to compare to shopping in the States. I love shopping anywhere in the world.