American Football (Ame-Futo) Season is Over…:(

I’m sad that football season is over. Football is my favorite sport to cheer for. Though the games are much longer than basketball, and the basketball games are more energy and support (from the students), football will always be my favorite, most likely thanks to my years of Pop Warner.
The ASIJ Varsity football team this year didn’t start off so great, they were crushed pretty badly the first few games, but then they picked it up for the end and won three games. However, they lost the game that decided whether they would be going to Far East (the league championship game) or not. In the league we play in, there are only about five teams to play in football so our season if very short with few games, I wish it was longer but, given the situation in Japan with the whole “American football isn’t a thing here” problem along with the fact that we have to travel about two hours to get to the nearest school, it’s easy to see why they have it the way it is.
As for cheer, this was probably one of the best ASIJ Varsity cheer squads ever. We hit stunts that had never been achieved before, we had the most material, and we had one of the largest number of seniors on the squad (eleven out of fifteen cheerleaders were seniors). I hope things stay this awesome for next season.



One thought on “American Football (Ame-Futo) Season is Over…:(

  1. Kristin

    Football was always my favorite sport to cheer for, too! Part of the reason was that your dad was the quarterback, but it was just more exciting, too…Sorry it’s over for this year, but I’m so glad you’re having so much fun with your squad. Thanks for this post, Meg!


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