Mt. Fuji

As you know, almost two months ago, my family and I hiked Mount Fuji. Now, by no means is Mt. Fuji one of the tallest peaks in the world, but it is one of the most iconic and the tallest peak in Japan. 

Climbing it was hard, but worth it in the end. I wouldn’t do it again unless I had to, but it was good once. 

Here are some photos from the hike. 
This photo is of what we had to carry throughout the two days. Also you get an idea of the terrain we walked on (though usually it was much rockier).


This photo was taken from the bottom of Mt. Fuji looking towards the summit, featuring the Snapchat Geotag for Mt. Fuji. 

Our feet in hiking boots on Mt. Fuji.

View of the side of the mountain and the top of the clouds. 

Just a bonus photo of Annie and I flying. 

Hiking Fujisan was a great experience and I learned a lot, from a little bit of Japanese to the culture of Japan. But, if you’re thinking of doing it yourself, beware to not get lavarock in your nose and ears. 


2 thoughts on “Mt. Fuji

  1. Kristin

    Love this entry, Meg!! I’m pretty sure I couldn’t have done it, so it’s nice to live vicariously through your post! Cute socks, cute boots, and so glad you added the “bonus photo!” 😉


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