Uncrustables ~ Savory-Style (Part I)

Time for lunch…so, we reached for some savory options that we picked up at the Yamazaki ‘Lunch Pack’ Shop.

First up today was Sweet Potato. Ok…so, this one wasn’t great. The texture was more creamy than hearty and the flavor was more bland than it should have been.

Next up was Beef Curry. If this were grade school, this one would end up with a solid “B”. The curry flavor was prominent and the consistency of the filling paired well with the bread.

Our final tasting for this post was Minced Cutlet. This one was our favorite of the three (although not our overall favorite for our savory selections…more on that one next time). The meat was plentiful and tasty; very satisfying when toasted up for lunch on a drizzly September day.

Be sure to check back soon for our final entry in this series; which will include Beef Cutlet and Potato Croquette.


2 thoughts on “Uncrustables ~ Savory-Style (Part I)

  1. Gram

    Curious to know how much it costs you for the “beef and cheese” and how can you tell from the packaging which flavor you’re buying? It all looks pretty much the same from the outside to me.


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