Tokyo Dog

Today’s quest was to find and try the “best hot dog in Tokyo”. According to the internet (which has to be right because otherwise they couldn’t put it on the internet), that coveted ‘dog’ is at a place called Tokyo Dog. 

Step #1 = find Tokyo Dog. Tokyo Dog is located in Tokyo Station; but, in the ‘paid area’ of the station; which means you have to be inside the turnstiles (more on this ‘a little later’). Once you are in the Tokyo Station, go to the North Court (a food court-type area) and you can’t miss it.

A Little Later = if you enter at Tokyo Station you are left with two options after getting your hot dog. You can either get on a train and go somewhere else or you can go to the service desk and try to explain (in English) that you came all the way to Tokyo Station just to have a hot dog in hopes that they will override the alarm and flashing red lights in order to let you back out. Don’t ask me how I know…I just do.

Step #2 = pick your hot dog of choice. There is roughly a dozen different ‘dogs’ available for puchase in three separate categories; traditional (like marinara and cheese), deli (like shrimp salad), and sweet (like strawberry with whipped cream). I went with their ‘signature’ dog, which comes with wasabi and butter.

Step #3 = enjoy the hot dog. While I am not sure if it is the “best hot dog in Tokyo”, it was right up there with (and maybe slightly better than) the others I’ve tried. The dog itself had a snappy casing and good sausage-y flavor. The bun was fresh and the wasabi addition gave it a nice spicy kick. All in all…a good dog and I would stop by for one again if I happen to be hungry and in the Tokyo Station.


2 thoughts on “Tokyo Dog

  1. Gram

    I’d want to know how to get out without the alarm & flashing red lights, no matter how good the hotdog but it sounds like you enjoyed the adventure.


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