March 11

Today in Japan marks two significant events; one sombre/reflective and one just pleasant.

It was four years ago today at 2:46 pm that the Great Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami struck Japan; marking the day in infamy. Moments of silence, reflection, and rememberance were held all over the country. As the time passes, the event continues to stay in the forefront of minds and hearts of people everywhere.

It was thirty years ago today that a baby was born in Mongolia that would grow up to become the greatest Sumo of all time. His name…Hakuho. Fittingly, the Osaka Grand Sumo Tournament is currently in day 4 and the schedule called for the great Yokozuna to take on Ichinojo, an up-and-coming Sumo giant. Hakuho stayed true to his greatness, quickly disposing of the young challenger and keeping his record perfect so far in this basho.

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