Raw Tuna ~ Off the Rack

Raw tuna is pretty common here in Japan, whether it be sashimi, sushi, or as some sort of chopped and ‘staged’ appetizer. In this weeks experience, however, it was presented in quite a unique way.

The Barracuda Restaurant in Tsukiji, which is unfortunately closing for good in just a few weeks, turned their version into the ‘must do’ shared entree. Laid out prominently on the center of the table they offer a slice of the great fish’s ribcage along with a thoroughly cleaned clam shell, some sliced green onion, daikon, and a little soy sauce.


Simply take the shell and use it to scrape off some tender meat from between the ribs. Then, add a dash of the onion, radish, and soy as you like (or not, if you just want it ‘straight’) and enjoy.

It was a nice conversation piece, obviously interactive, and quite delicious. Hopefully, another restaurant can be found that serves tuna up in the same manner.


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