Build-A-Bear… In Japan!

For Annie’s birthday, we took a trip about 15 miles away for our home to Yokohama, which is a city that has the Cup Noodle Museum, an amusement park, and an assortment of malls and shopping centers. Although Yokohama has so much to offer, we hopped in the car and drove out there for one main reason: Build-A-Bear. Annie and I have loved Build-A-Bear since our very first trip and now that it came to Tokyo, we had to go and see it. It is like how they have always been, you pick a bear, you stuff the bear, you dress the bear, name it, and take it home. This process is slightly harder in a foreign language but we managed to make it through and get sheeps, since it is the year of the sheep. The Build-A-Bears in Japan are exactly like the ones in the U.S., from the Stuff Me machines to the Name Me kiosks. They even use the same Heart-Warming ritual. I love Build-A-Bear and how it reminds me that I’m not too old to still get things like Build-A-Bears.







5 thoughts on “Build-A-Bear… In Japan!

  1. Kristin

    How fun! And what an adorable sheep :)…So glad you were able to enjoy that experience again! (And, no, you’re never too old for stuffed animals!…)

  2. Cholla

    Do you know if this Build-A-Bear location still exists in Yokohama? Or if there are still any Build-A-Bear locations in Japan? Inquiring minds want to know…

    1. Susan Acevedo

      I am looking for Japan Exclusives Build a Bear the YOKOHAMA Bear can you tell me if this Bear is still available in Japan


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