Nihombashi Ebisu-ko Bettara ichi (Pickle festival)

Another one of the fall matsuri festivals was held this weekend in Nihombashi, one of the older settlements of Tokyo. By older, we are talking pre-Edo period, before 1650 when the Shogun moved the capital of Japan to Tokyo.

Today, we celebrated the daikon— the Japanese radish. This fair is known for a number of vendors selling the local specialty called bettara-zuke, or sweet and salty daikon radish pickles. The celebration covered about 12 blocks centered around the Takarada Ebisu Jinja Shrine. Ebisu is one of the seven lucky Gods. He is the one of good fortune and honest labor.

In addition to the pickle vendors, there were over a hundred other stalls that specialized in other Japanese fair foods, including many that featured the always popular, fish-on-a-stick, which is slow-cooked over smoky charcoal.


One thought on “Nihombashi Ebisu-ko Bettara ichi (Pickle festival)

  1. Kristin

    Okay, so I like fish and I usually like treats on a stick, but I’m not thinking that FISH on a stick works? Especially when it is the whole fish!!


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