Tokyo Dome City – Tokyo Panic Cruise

Adjacent to the Tokyo Dome (home of the Yomiuri Giants, the ‘New York Yankees’ of Nippon Professional Baseball) is Tokyo Dome City. This complex includes a large mall, a multitude of restaurants, and a collection of small amusements.

One of the small amusement areas is Geopolis and includes a ride called Tokyo Panic Cruise. With a name like that, how could it be resisted?


For your ¥820, what you get is an “Amazing Adventures of Spiderman” (Universal’s Islands of Adventure and Universal Japan) knock-off. Although quite bazaar, this ride isn’t half bad.

Basically, standing in for Spiderman is a cat-girl armed with a deadly pink umbrella and a vicious left claw. Many of the scenes are remarkably similar to those in Spiderman. So, if you like “Amazing Adventures of Spiderman” (and/or Universal’s second offering of the type, “Transformers: the Ride”) then you might want to give this ride a try.

Here’s a quick glimpse if you are interested:

2 thoughts on “Tokyo Dome City – Tokyo Panic Cruise

  1. Kristin

    Looks funny, actually. Reminds me of a show Ryan had me watch with him the other day…Fun to see what they come up with…a pink umbrella and a claw for an arm??

  2. Nathalie and Jeff Hawkins

    That is very sophisticated ride. It is amazing that they had this type of experience at a small entertainment complex. Thanks for sharing.


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