Kit Kats – Wasabi Flavor (Part 4 of 5)

The key word for this entry in our Kit Kat mini-series is “flavor”. Surprisingly, they were able to successfully incorporate the flavor of wasabi without the spice that wasabi is well known for.

In fact, the one knock on this offering would be that it is too sweet…without any heat. And, we were kinda expecting the exact opposite.


While it was not our favorite, it was definitely interesting, distinctly wasabi, and quite edible.

One thought on “Kit Kats – Wasabi Flavor (Part 4 of 5)

  1. Dave and Shari Westmoreland

    Since Pa and I have been gone so much (San Francisco, Half Moon Bay, Sedona, Arkansas, and most recently Coronado), I’ve been way behind with your blog; but I’ve really enjoyed the “Kit Kat” entries and it has been fun catching up. It all sounds like fun and much of it sounds tastey but I think I’d pass on the bean sandwich. American vending machines will seem dull to all of you when you return home. Sending love to you all, Gram.


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