Seasonal Side Dish

During our brief respite back in Tokyo, between visiting Kyoto and Nagano, we stopped for lunch at J.S. Burgers Cafe (our favorite burger place in Japan – more on that in a future post).

As with every other place here, they have seasonal/limited time items. On this stop we just couldn’t resist trying a special side offering…fried avocado with raspberry mustard.

Imagine if you will luscious ripe avocado chunks, lightly coated with a slightly spicy rub, flash fried to form a delicately crispy outer shell and paired with a simultaneously sweet, sour, and tangy condiment. Altogether delicious…too bad it will almost certainly be long gone by the next time.


2 thoughts on “Seasonal Side Dish

  1. Dave and Shari Westmoreland

    We bet this was really delicious. Pa and I tried deep fried avocado for the first time about 6 months ago. We were at swapmeet and the food trucks were there. We had the deep fried avocado tacos. Delicious! It looks like you got nice,l big chunks and the rqaspberry mustard sounds good too. You’ve all been so adventurous with your food tastings in Japan and I think this is great. I probably would not try out nearly as much as you but I’ll cheer you on. You might enjoy knowing that while you were eating avocado, Scott and family were eating crickets in Cancun. Yuk!


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