Super Bowl Flavored Snack?

I know we keep posting about snacks; but, you see, they just keep coming. This time, the trip to the 7-11 resulted in the discovery of a new (at least to us) flavor of cheese puff snack.

If we were in the US, it would likely be guessed that this flavor was in honor of the upcoming Super Bowl. But, the Super Bowl is a ‘non-event’ here in Japan and bazaar flavored snacks are common.

In any event, here are Beer and Buffalo Wing Flavored Cheese Puffs. Oddly interesting and tasty…


One thought on “Super Bowl Flavored Snack?

  1. Kristin

    There is nothing even remotely similar to this here…Glad you’re getting to enjoy all of these snacks. My nightly popcorn sounds so boring!


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