Themed Vending Machines

I have recently discovered that there is another part to the interesting and ever-changing vending machines of Tokyo. During the holidays, the high-tech vending machines (the touch screen ones, to which I am ever so fascinated with), have little “decorations” (I guess you could call them). These “decorations” are themed to whichever holiday is soon coming up. For example, since the recent past holiday was Halloween, the vending machines’ background had a pumpkin, bat, and a ghost spread throughout the whole art behind the drink image. Every so-often a few random drinks would get a costume. There would be one with a ghost costume on, another with a witch, another with a vampire’s cape and teeth, etc. It is amazing to me that the people here actually take time to have little details in such a common object, such as a vending machine. I don’t know if the other locals notice these things, I hope so, though.

One thought on “Themed Vending Machines

  1. Kristin

    I think that’s neat! Not many people in this world notice the “details” in life, but I think they are missing out on life’s simple pleasures 🙂


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