How to walk a monkey

When Annie and I were in Omote Sando a few days ago, we came across this lady walking a monkey and I wanted to share with you how you walk one:
Step 1: Find a leash and a collar. The Extra Small dog collar will be fine unless if you have a chunky monkey, then you might want a bigger size.
Step 2: Secure the collar to the monkey’s waist. Make sure it fits comfortably. Not too tight but not too loose.
Step 3: Fasten the leash to the collar so your monkey doesn’t run away.
Step 4: Start walking. Don’t be afraid to let your monkey climb railings. It is normal.
Step 5: People will want to pet your monkey. Be careful so that your monkey doesn’t bite or fling poo at pedestrians. People will also want to take pictures of and with your monkey. Again, same rules apply as before.
Step 6: If your monkey poops, pick it up just like you would for a dog and throw it away like you would for a dog.
Step 7: Once you have finished walking, return home. Take off the leash and collar and return to regular business.
Thanks for reading this how-to.


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