This past few weeks the 7th grade class took a trip to Izu! It was so much fun. We took a 6 hour bus ride just to get there, with a rest stop. When we got there we were greeted by a soft sanded calm bay. Up a hill a little bit was the camp ground. It had about 8 cabins. They were different sizes and were spread out. They all had decks in the front, you had to climb up stairs to reach them, some farther than others. There were bugs in the cabins, some had more bugs than others. My cabin only had little bug encounters but others had found large centipedes. The sleeping arrangements included futons and sleeping bags on the floor.

After we had gotten set up in our rooms we went down to the rocky beach farther down the hill for snorkel tide pooling. While tide pooling we found large crabs, sea hairs, little hermit crabs and sea cucumbers. Sea hairs feel so squishy and they suck on to your hand but thats not the weirdest thing about them: if you scare them (for example, stepping on them) the squirt out this purple ink all over the place as a way to flee the scene from the predator. Snorkeling is really cool because you can see all of the coral, fish and other sea life.

The next day, I had kayaking, also located on the rocky beach. We first kayaked inside the bay for practice but later went around to see more scenery. I went in a two person kayak with my friend, we did a pretty good job at first but we got stuck a few times. Toward the end we went into this cave, it was so beautiful, light sneaking in through cracks, the water so clear you could see to the bottom, rocks towering above and around you. Just so gorgeous and mesmerizing. Then,we went back to the camp and ate lunch.

After lunch we went snorkel tide pooling again, same thing happened at the first day.

But the last day I had surfing, I love surfing. It is so fun and hard. The beach had great waves. The beach was not the same as the sandy beach we were greeted with, it was about 20 minutes away from the camp. I used a short board which was harder to stand up on but easier to balance on.

It was so much fun and I miss it! If you have the chance to go to Izu, you should!

(Pictures: the first one is of the rocky beach and the second is of the surfing beach.)

2 thoughts on “Izu

  1. Kristin

    How exciting, Meg!! I can’t believe you did all of this…You are SO much more adventurous than me!…What an amazing opportunity this was for all of you!

  2. Dave and Shari Westmoreland

    Good for you, Meg! You are definitely well balanced and very athletic and having experiences that you’ll remember forever. Enjoy every moment, Honey, You are living a most privileged life and you deserve it. This is also so very well written. We enjoyed it very much and the pictures too. Thank you.


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