Will Fish for Food

This week I attended a business dinner at a ‘fishing restaurant’. How it works is…you come in, grab a fishing pole, and (in these two large tanks with a boat in the middle) you start fishing. When you catch a fish, you let them know how you would like it prepared: sashimi-style, steamed with salt, grilled with a sake glaze, or smoked.

There was a large group of us; so, we caught several different types of fish, had them prepared in several different ways, and enjoyed them all ‘family-style’. While it was a little weird to have the bodies of the fish that were served sashimi-style literally still moving when they were served, the freshness and flavor were amazing.


2 thoughts on “Will Fish for Food

  1. Kristin

    I don’t know if I could ever get to the point where I could eat a fish while it was still moving!! Yikes! I know, I lack adventure….!


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