Tokyo Tower

It opened in 1958 and remains the world’s tallest, self-supporting steel tower at 333m: Tokyo Tower. (The Eiffel Tower in Paris stands at 320m.)
It is a one mile walk from our apartment, and the entrance is located across the street from the Tokyo Medical & Surgical Clinic which features English-speaking staff, including doctors and an on-site pharmacy.


One thought on “Tokyo Tower

  1. Dave and Shari Westmoreland

    It’s been over a week since I’ve been able to look at your blog and I really enjoyed it just now. Each story is really interesting. I’m fascinated with mechanical parking, scared of the heights of your 29th floor views, curious if the girls gave gifts to special boys on February 14th, comforted that your medical clinic has English speaking staff, amazed that your Tokyo Tower is taller and may be even more beautiful than the Eiffel, saddened by the story of Shibuya, and disappointed that we burn only 20 calories climbing 7 floors. Thank you so much; I feel enriched and enlightened.!


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