Pen Personalization

Today we went out shopping to many stores in a magical place called Ginza. We went to many recommended stores including two inexpensively priced daily wear stores with really comfy and cute clothes. There was also this one store called “Loft” which sold a huge variety of products, one if which was located in the middle of the store; Style Fit. Basically, it is a station where you create your own multiple color pen. You first select the actual pen, with either three or five spots for ink. They had many choices to choose from; the basic and slick silver, black, or blue, and also the more fun polka dots and even multiple Disney styles. Then you select the changeable colors. They had about four shades of pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and one shade of black and brown, and two shades of grey. The colors also came in different sizes; .5, or .38. The inks came is slick cases shown in the picture. It was a great ending to our extraordinary day of shopping in the city.

One thought on “Pen Personalization

  1. Nathalie

    What an awesome blog. We loved the Ginza
    Area. Japan has the most unique merchandise and these pens are very cool! Glad to hear you are adjusting and great job on this site. All the best,


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